Student visa
Consulate-General of the Russian Federation in Busan, Republic of Korea

Student visa

Short term student visa (valid for up to three months)

(The long stay student visa (more than 90 days) you should make after your arriving to Russia through the Federal Migration service with assistance of your University or College)

Short term student visa can be issued for the foreign students traveling for "Short term study",  "Russian language courses", "Courses", "Short term student exchange program" etc.

Short term student  visa can be valid for single or double entries.

Documents required:

1. Letter of Invitation:

a) Official invitation issued by the Russian Federal Migration Service, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)  or its regional offices. Or six digit reference number of your visa support information (MFA telex #) sent directly to the Consulate. (The official invitation must contain: official seal and legal address of the agency, document registration number, date of registration, signature and name of an authorized official, travel itinerary, dates of stay, names of persons invited. We reserve the right to request originals of any invitation).

For the students of the Republic of Korea

  • a written request from the host organization;

For the citizens of the Republic of Korea a direct written invitation must contain:

a)  for the invited person:

 - name and surname, date of birth, sex, nationality, number and type of the identity document, dates and purpose of the journey, number of entries and the names and dates of birth of minor children accompanying the invited person,

 b)  for the inviting person:

 - name and surname, date of birth and permanent address (registration),

 c)  for the inviting legal person, company or organization:

 - full name and address and

 - if the request is issued by an organization, the name, surname and position of the person who signs the request;

 - if the inviting person is a legal person or company or its office or branch, established in the territory of the Republic of Korea – the state registration number as required by the national law of the Republic of Korea;

 - if the inviting person is a legal person or company or its office or branch, established in the territory of the Russian Federation – the tax identification number.

Copy of invitations for student visas are not accepted - please submit original only.

2. Passport (original). Passport must contain at least  two blank pages marked "visas", otherwise the passport and documents will not be accepted and will be returned. Passport must be valid no less than 1,5 year after visa expiration date. 

Applicant's passport will be in the Consulate's possession within the whole period of visa processing.

3. Standard Visa Application form  ( with one passport-size b\w or color photo glued or stapled at the place for photo on the application form (Russian Visa Photo Specifications).

Each applicant has to fill out visa application form online, print it on your printer at home, in your office or in Consulate General along with other documents required.

No blank spaces must be left. If a question does not apply, please type "N/A". If the answer is none, write "None". Kindly ensure that the dates of your entry and exit, as entered in the application form, match with the period specified in your invitation. The form should bear the original signature of applicant and must be well readable. Please note that all dates in your application form must be written in European style (date, month, year). Please state clearly your contact telephone number (office, home). Incomplete forms, forms with no signature, forms with corrections, forms filled out illegibly or NOT FROM THIS Special OFFICIAL WEB SITE will be returned to the applicants unprocessed.

4. Official hospital HIV (AIDS) Test Certificate. This certificate is valid for 3 month only (HIV blood test should be taken not earlier than 3 months before applying for a visa). Consulate General just recommends some official medical organizations which can make tests.

5. For Non-Korean Passport holders only: You may apply for Russian visa  only if you have Alien Registration Card, SojournStatus or long term non-immigration legal status in ROK valid not less than 3 months from the date of your Russian visa application. There are some countries in the world with which the Russian Federation has mutual understanding visas policy and citizens of which countries should not have Alien Registration Card for period more than 3 months. If you would like to know is your country in this list, please ask in Consulate.

If you stay in Russia more than seven business days  upon arrival you have to register as a foreigner. This registration is mandatory and required by the Russian Law that regulates entry/exit and stay of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation. Registration process is varied from registering in a hotel to registering at the Passport and Visa Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia or Russian Federal Immigration Service depending on which type of visas you have in your passport. It is important for you to apply for the right type of visa, the one that corresponds to the purpose of your trip, in order to enjoy your visit to Russia without legal problems, should it be a tourist journey, a home stay with a relative or friend, a business trip, or a transit. 

For the Korean citizens there are no any fees for student visas.